SPON is committed to collaboration with our City, community leaders, and other advocacy groups in our area. 

SPON’s vision is to activate citizen participation in the decisions that affect our community. 

Newport Beach is a Charter City.  We are governed by a city council.  City operations are managed by a city manager.  To help guide the affairs of the City, the City Council has established commissions and committees.  Committees and commissions study issues requested by the city council, or are relevant to the specific charge.  Commissions and committees make recommendations to the City Council.  To keep our residents informed, SPON members attend these commission, committee and city council meetings. 

SPON is currently represented on the General Plan Advisory Committee, charged with the task of updating the General Plan.  The importance of this document in determining the future of Newport Beach should not be underestimated. 

Over the years SPON has actively participated in initiatives, referendums and in the sponsorship of other advocacy group efforts to address ballot initiatives that would have an impact on the residential and environmental qualities of Newport Beach.

Collaboration with community groups, homeowner associations, and the County of Orange all serve to further inform and educate our community.  Publication of a regular SPON Newsletter, social media posts, and our Annual Meeting further the accurate spread of information.